Challenge Monday Aug 12 Use the new shopping cart

You challenge is to use the new shopping cart to place your LRP order and learn how to use your LRP rewards points to cash in products. Once you’ve navigated and successfully set up your LRP, contact your downline and conduct a training with them. This is especially important if you’ve signed up a new IPC last month and they have not been introduced to our Loyalty Rewards program. If you don’t have a downline yet, ask a family member or friend if you could practice on them.

Helping your customers and business builders to understand the benefits of the Loyalty Rewards program is critical to the success of your business. doTERRA has a higher than average retention rate in the direct selling industry which means for you that you can make a living as a doTERRA consultant and not just do this as a hobby. doTERRA consistently has special promotions and incentives to help you produce higher earnings and success in reaching your goals. Take advantage of this month’s current promotion for yourself and contact your downline so that they don’t miss out.

The new shopping cart is very different from what we are used to and everyone has lots of questions. So I dug up an audio that I recorded at Leadership in March and found the original slide show .Click Here to Download the New Online Shopping Environment

Click Here to Download the audio recording…

2 thoughts on “Challenge Monday Aug 12 Use the new shopping cart

  1. Yes, I like the new Cart, especially $1.50 reduction in shipping for online orders and being able to redeem points at same time as LRP order.
    Susan, you said something about my missing tasks last week? Where will I find your comments?

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