If you had asked me a year ago if essential oils were for real I would have probably told you they were a bunch of fru fru, airy fairy, hogwash that only worked if you believed in it.

But over the past year, Liz and I have come to realize that doTERRA Essential Oils have some pretty amazing healing properties.

This page is a collection of some of the testimonials we’ve received about doTERRA Essential Oils.

For starters, I have lost 15 pounds using the Chocolate Trim Shake.  One weekday mornings, I get out the little bullet blender and put the following into it:

  • about half an inch of ice cubes
  • 4 or 5 frozen strawberries
  • one banana
  • one scoop of doTERRA Chocolate Trim Shake
  • one drop of doTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil
  • enough rice or almond milk to fill the blender cup to the top[/list]

I blend it for about a minute and pour it into a tall glass and drink it with a dose of the doTERRA Lifelong Vitality pack (vitamins, omega oils, and other cell building nutrients).  After drinking it over the next 10 or 15 minutes, I’m not hungry for 5 or so hours.  I’m guessing that’s why I’m losing the weight because I don’t exercise any differently.

Keep smiling,  Ron



First of all… let me tell you that I’m an electrical engineer by degree and license so am by nature VERY SKEPTICAL about woowoo types of things.  So when Rachel told me the oils work I said, “Prove it!”

She suggested that I apply a couple of drops of lavender to a 2″ cut that was on my upper arm.  I’d had the cut for about a week after I had caught my tool box drawer walking into the garage and it had started to become infected.  Of course, I didn’t notice this because it was under my sleeve.  Out of sight, out of mind… but I was determined to find some sort of skin cut to try this stuff out on…   I REALLY didn’t believe it would work because I thought lavender was on this planet to make girls feel relaxed and make them smell nice.

Well, I was wrong:  Within two hours my cut had shrunk to 3/4 of an inch!  I couldn’t believe it so I called Rachel to find out what was REALLY in the oil.  She said only lavender and asked if I believed yet.  I told her yes… I believed in the lavender.  But there were actually 51 more doTERRA oils to try out for other things. I’m smiling!

Thanks to Rachel Jones for introducing me to doTERRA.

Ron Wilder


Oil Experiences – Some doTERRA Testimonials — 14 Comments

  1. Great. Now to get more testimonials, like from Katrina whose husband used clove to stop chewing tobacco, and Rachel F’s husband’s success using oils to cure anxiety. My group will be posting our own success stories soon. Congrats Ron & Liz for the share the oils site!

  2. Hello everyone! Liz Wilder here. I am or my spirit is compelled to share my 17-day experience with doTERRA essential oils. I am so proud of knowing doTERRA essential oils, not only as our business, but because of their HEALING POWER! I caught a very, very strong influenza or flu virus the last 2 days (March 15) of my 2-week visit with my Mom/relatives in Manila, Philippines in March 2012. I know I caught this flu virus when I felt my knees and legs trembled with pain and could not keep standing while walking inside a department store. Employees brought in chair for me to sit because I was falling onto the floor in the middle of other shoppers. Anyway, the following 17 days were horrible for me. I had the flu, soresst, sore throat! Some fever, lots of coughing, mucus, headache, lost voice and hoarsy voice, followed by NASTY mouth cold soreSSSS! :-( I came home to Reno on Saturday night (MARCH 17). (Yes, you can imagine how I survived my 20+ hours of Delta international flight while being sick, sitting on economy chair (with windows :-), and next to strangers!) I thought of going to the Emergency/hospital the following Sunday morning because of so much pain and discomforrt. But I decided not to and just relied on all the oils I have on my bedside. In the course of weeks, I put on several bookmarks in my Modern Essentials book. I flipped back and forth for the pages where I looked for symptoms and suggested oils. I followed the book conscientiously. On the 4th day of my flu, I took in all the oils in the Aromatouch my husband gave me like something from heaven! I religiously used the oils, topically in my throat, chest, back and neck. I diffused them right next to me, literally next to me while I am breathing! Take them in vegetable capsules like they are my LIFELINE. They were! I did not see any doctor, even on the slight suggestion of my husband and of a Pharmacist I spoke to. Even I, thought of going to a doctor few times, just to be sure I will be healed, and get myself out of misery, soonest! I DID NOT SEE A DOCTOR. After 17 days, I FEEL BETTER NOW, CURED AND HEALED by our doTERRA essential oils!! Yes, I TRUSTED every oils I took in, and while I applied them in my neck, throat, head and ears; inhaled them with FAITH; watched patiently how my mouth cold soreSSS dried and healed! I named my concoction, Recipe #1, Recipe #2, Rub #1, Rub #2, Diffuse #1, Diffuse #2. I used approximately 60 veg. capsules. These are the oils I used > On Guard, Oregano, Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Myrrh, Melaleuca, Breathe, Ginger, Digest Zen, Clove Bud, Peppermint, Helichrysum, Past Tense, Deep Blue, Balance and Purify. Melissa & Serenity for sleeping. Yuhooo! no chemicals in my body, just purest essential oils! Thank you, doTERRA! Now, I am ready for the Leadership Training next week!!

  3. I love the oils! At night I just sit at my desk and smell them right out of their jars. Can’t wait for the diffuser (coming with May’s order). I’m going to install it in my office and see if that might generate interest.
    This is from a new recruit of mine, Sally:
    I am in serious training mode for the Death Ride and other cycling events coming up. Let me tell you what I’m doing to help with the fatigue (besides the drinks, gels etc): I’ve put peppermint and lemon together in a roll-on tube (along with some distilled H20) and apply it to my neck and drop or two below my nostril. It’s really refreshing and helps me focus-at least on something else than the grinding hills. Pass that along at the next mtg.-I even used it doing yardwork and other aerobic exercises at the gym.
    I rode 83 miles today from my house to the top of Monitor Pass and used the oils a couple times ascending that bloody pass when my heart rate soared-felt great.

  4. My son broke out in a form of pox called Molluscum Contagiosum. They were awful, painful and the dr gave us antibiotics but wasn’t 100% it would cure them. My friend is a consultant so called her and with the lavender concoction it not only killed his fever within the hour but the molluscum was almost completely healed in two days. This was after a referral to a dermatologist to have them burned off! And with no antibiotics. That day I decided to join and I am so excited to be a part of something so beneficial and safe!

    • Hi Kerry. Can you tell me what lavender concoction you used to treat the molluscum? I have a little girl with it on her legs, and now I am so afraid her sister may have contracted them on her face. I want to cry. We just found out what it was last week, and the cream the doctor prescribed seems to be hurting her. I switched to using melaleuca yesterday and it really stung a spot that was irritated from the doctor’s cream – so I quickly rubbed lavender over it to soothe, but my daughter still had that desperate “help me, it hurts” look in her eye. Any information would help. Thank You.

      • My children have had molluscum for a year and they are still not gone! Did you find out the concoction? I have lavender…any help appreciated! Thanks so much!

      • Both of my children have had molluscum for a year and they are still not even close to gone! My pediatricians have just said “wait it out…they will go away eventually”. They have them on legs/bottom and am scared they will spread to others. Did you find out the lavender concoction? I have lavender on hand…thanks for any help!


    I am a Registered Nurse work in ICU department. I am also a doTERRA IPC. I work in a hospital in Bakersrfield. We used purify oil to one of our patients, the patient needed a bed bathe, and we put 3 drops of purify in small basin of water. After the sponge bath the patient smell fresh, clean and citrusy. Everyone in the unit liked the clean fresh smell ofthe putiry, and evryone was so curious about the oil:)

  6. I am fighting Moluscus on my 7 yr old daughter. What is the ‘LAVENDAR CONCOCTION’ ????? Please help!!??

  7. “I thought lavender was on this planet to make girls feel relaxed and make them smell nice.”

    hahah that engineer testimonial was really good:)

  8. I would love to know if it’s just straight lavender or mixed with what?? My 2 year old has Molluscum Contagiosum on his belly.

    • I have been researching for a friend about molluscum and found testimonials from doterra testimonials about how Oregano oil 2-3x/day on the bottom of feet cured their kids! Give it a try!

  9. love these testimonies!! hope there will be more posted so we have new ones to share with others. thank you for making this page possible. :)

  10. Doterra lavender works amazing. I got a large cut on my finger and it would not close up after about 24 hours. Then I decided to put lavender on it. It closed up within 15 MINUETS!!!! It was amazing!! And there was absolutely NO pain when I put it on the open cut.