The Healthcare Crisis Solution

An interesting overview of our current Healthcare Crisis and Possible Solution


Essential Oils and Bacteria

How essential oils are anti-bacterial

Woman’s Health and Hormones

Hormones and Essential Oils — Older Webinar – 2010 Before Clary Calm, Phytoestrogen, etc.

The Application of Essential Oils in Western Medicine

Understanding Essential Oil Quality – What’s all the fuss about?

Slim and Sassy Intro

Internal System Cleansing

Deep Blue – Soreness Relief in a Bottle

How does it work so well to relieve soreness? There’s Science in the Oil Blends!

Frankincense — Liquid Gold from a Bottle!

Frankincense is Known as the “King” of Essential Oils

Why Daily Supplements and Oils

Vitamins, Omega Oils, And Nutrients for Energy, DNA repair, Inflammation control, etc.

DDR — DNA Damage Repair

Maximize your DNA’s chance to rejuvenate against all of the toxins we are exposed to

Essential Oils in Vanderbilt University’s E.R. Room