The Healthcare Crisis Solution

An interesting overview of our current Healthcare Crisis and Possible Solution


Essential Oils and Bacteria

Dr. David Steuer explains how essential oils are anti-bacterial

Woman’s Health and Hormones – Dr. David Hill

Dr. Hill Discusses Hormones and Essential Oils — Older Webinar – 2010 Before Solace, Phytoestrogen, etc.

Dr. Paul Winterton – Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Winterton Discusses the Application of Essential Oils in Western Medicine

CPTG — Understanding Essential Oil Quality

Dr. Hill – Convention 2013 – Understanding CPTG

CPTG — What’s that all about

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade – the doTERRA Standard

Slim and Sassy Intro

New Year / New You Presentation

Internal System Cleansing

Laura Jacobs explains Organ Cleansing

Deep Blue – Pain Relief in a Bottle

How does it work so well to relieve pain? There’s Science in the Oil Blends!

Essential Oils for Newborns

Dr. Hill Talks about doTERRA Essential Oils for Newborns

Frankincense — Liquid Gold from a Bottle!

Frankincense is Known as the “King” of Essential Oils

LLV — Life Long Vitality

Vitamins, Omega Oils, And Nutrients for Energy, DNA repair, Inflammation control, etc.

DDR — DNA Damage Repair

Maximize your DNA’s chance to rejuvenate against all of the toxins we are exposed to

doTERRA in Vanderbilt University E.R. Room

Fox News report with doTERRA essential oils being used in the ER of Vanderbilt Hospital.