One of the things I hear every year is that “November and December is so hard to build my business because everyone is thinking about the holidays… not building your essential oil business.”
Most just say, “I’d rather play or throw parties (or go to parties) than build my business.  I deserve this break!  I’ll get back into it NEXT year.”  And it may be true that you deserve a break…  and it may be true that maybe you’ll get back to it next year.  There’s always January, right?
You won’t hear ME saying that!  Do you know why the month of December is the most profitable month of the year for the stores?  It’s because people want to buy stuff… lots of it… and they have to buy it between NOW and Mid December… or it’s too late!  December is a magical month for building an essential oil business.

Isn’t it Time…

you learn how to tap into that buying frenzy and leverage from now until mid December to build your essential oil business to the next level?  (Hint: It’s not about retail sales…)
If you’re ready to seize the opportunities and are willing to try something different, then why not join us, Ron and Liz, on December 4th for a couple of hours starting at 6:30 pm.
We will pass on our wisdom and experience and show you why December could be the month that YOU get to the next rank or power of 3 goal you are after.

Keep smiling,

Ron and Liz

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