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Welcome to the Mother Nature’s Wellness Tear Pad & PowerPoint Info Page!

Spanish/Español: La presentación PowerPoint en español y demás notas estarán disponibles en breve.

The Mother Nature’s Wellness System is a simple, low-cost (22 cents/prospect) introduction to Essential Oils to help you more easily Share the Oils and Educate People How to Use them.

The beauty of these tools is that they are designed to be very simple to use, yet comprehensive enough to accomplish Four Goals:

  1. Show that Essential Oils are a Low-Cost, Safe, and Effective Natural Solution to Personal Wellness
  2. Provide a Direct Personal Experience With Some Essential Oils and EO Based products
  3. Show HOW to Use the Modern Essentials Book to Find Out What Products to Try out
  4. Explain how You Can Save Money on Your Wellness in Today’s Tough Economy

Mother Nature’s Wellness PowerPoint

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This is all done in a 45 to 60 minute PowerPoint presentation that you can give using

  •  Your laptop computer using PowerPoint
  • A binder using a printed copy of the PowerPoint
  • An on-line PowerPoint presentation over a telephone line

With this flexibility, you can introduce amazing Pure Essential oils and EO based products to anyone from anywhere.

The PowerPoint presentation is FREE of charge and is designed to be used with the companion Mother Nature’s Wellness Handout available from

Enter item number 3757.

Companion Mother Nature’s Wellness Handout

MNW front page sanitizedThe Companion Handout has been designed to be a fill-in-the-blanks, benefits-oriented tool that is frequently referred to during the presentation. On just two sides of a single sheet, the following topics are covered:

  • A question to the prospect of which health challenges they would like to solve
  • An explanation of why Essential Oil Purity Matters and an explanation of essential oil properties
  • Common uses of essential oils — 12 separate categories of health concerns
  • A summary of daily nutrients and oils
  • How to find which oils to try to solve a health issue
  • A place to enter products the prospect wishes to try out
  • 3 Ways to Save Money on essential oil products
  • A sampling of discounted starter kits
  • Interest level questions with check boxes to make it easy for the presenter to zero in on what the student wants to know more about
  • A spot to enter the date/time and contact info so they will call YOU

Why MNW Exists

  • so many complex training / introduction systems out there – too long of a learning curve
  • too expensive for many new advocates who are just starting out and don’t want to invest $50, $100, or more
  • Simple to use – everything is supplied
  • Most existing presentations take too long.  This is a 45 minute to hour presentation…


  • 22 cents per prospect for the handout – only one page needed
  • PowerPoint presentation and support website is included with cost of pad
  • PowerPoint includes a full script that can be used during the presentation until they are comfortable without it
  • PowerPoint is available as a download
  • PowerPoint is available as an online presentation
  • PowerPoint is available as a pdf so you can print it out and put pages in a binder
  • PowerPoint is updated at least monthly or as new info comes along that’s relevant
  • Both PowerPoint AND Handouts have been reviewed by the compliance department
  • PowerPoint leverages videos — very nice overview and closing video
  • PowerPoint covers three areas:
    • Overview of essential oils by a direct experience with them
    • Prospect will learn HOW to figure out which oils to use
    • Prospect will learn how to save money if they want to buy them
  • Handout is tightly linked to the PowerPoint
  • Handout is interactive with presentation
    • Prospect is asked to fill in health challenges that they would  like info about
    • Prospect learns why essential oil purity matters
    • Handout includes an area of typical health challenges along with products to try
    • Handout discusses daily nutrients and oils
    • Handout discusses additional resources like books and web searches
    • Handout shows 3 ways to save if they want to purchase products
      • Wholesale membership
      • Monthly purchase discounts
      • 4 sample discounted starter kits if they want to get started
    • Handout includes checkboxes to help prospect figure out their level of interest from a bottle of oil to full-blown business
    • Handout includes an area to set up a wellness consult
    • Handout includes an area to stick contact info label
  • Both English and Spanish Tear Pads and PowerPoints are already available

Where to Purchase – Item number is 3757 – Cost: 11.95 / 50 two-sided, tear-off sheets



Mother Nature’s Wellness Tearpad — 15 Comments

  1. Need a power point I can share when I am on the phone wih prospects. Sometimes it’s hard for them to make a meeting or have me at their home. Time is of the essense.

    • Just visit the download page and you can use the online powerpoint script. No charge. As long as you have the Mother Nature’s Wellness tear pad which costs $11.95 from AromatTools. Item number is 3757.

  2. I was able to purchase both the English and the Spanish tear sheets, but have never been able to download the Spanish pdf. I have people who would benefit.

    Thank you so much for producing this in Spanish. We are just starting a little group here in VA, and we are anxious to begin using your materials. Thanks for sending me an e-mail that would enable me to print the pdf in Spanish!

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      Thanks for your interest in the Spanish version. We need to update the Spanish version. As soon as it is complete, you’ll have it!
      Keep smiling,

  3. Hello! I attended the training on Saturday and it was really informative. I purchased a tear pad for the MNW presentation and would like to get the PPT to go along with it. Thank you!

    • Sorry for the late reply. Just go to the link on the mother natures wellness tear pad and you can download all of the powerpoint files for free.

  4. Ron,
    I would like more info on the Mother Nature’s…I guess all I need to do is purchase it from Aromatools to get the power point, right…Sorry, just checking.

    • Yes, just go to AromaTools and purchase item # 3757 for $11.95 and all of the powerpoint files, script file and facebook group are free.

    • The Tear Pad is $11.95 from AromaTools. The powerpoints (online, computer PPS, pdf to print, and slide script files) are totally free if you buy the pad. You can purchase them at AromaTools do a search for item 3757.

  5. Hello,

    I am interested the powerpoint for Mother Nature’s Wellness and the script. I will be ordering the tear sheets from Aroma Tools. Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Bonnie Phillips