Reno Thur Nov 10 doTERRA Convention Recap – Share The Oils

doterra-one-logo-2doTERRA “ONE” Convention 2016 – Recap Event

We’re starting up training events in November.  The first event will be a Re-cap / summary of this year’s doTERRA “ONE” convention that happened in September in Salt Lake City, UT.

If you didn’t attend, you have missed out on some cool stuff.  We will cover:

  • All of the new products (there are 23 of them!)
    • New Spa Products including mud mask, body butter, body wash, sugar scrub, three lip balms, and more
    • New Single essential oils (two of them)
    • New sleep aid products (oil and gel caps)
    • New emotional aromatherapy oil blends in roller bottles
    • New kids vitamins and probiotics
  • The new Wholesale Customer account (Preferred member has gone away)
  • New strong emphasis on the science of doTERRA essential oils and approved websites – it’s okay to talk about doTERRA again online!

Of course, we’ll have one of our great raffles for oils and other goodies. One ticket per registered attendee.


Date/Time: Thursday, November 10th at 6:30pm.  Figure on about an hour and a half.  After meeting oil sharing

Location: Private home — We’ll email address to all registered attendees.

Event cost: $3 pre-registered — Click here if the purple button isn’t seen.

A maximum of 25 tickets will be sold –  Please attend only if you have not already been to a post-convention event (or you contact us ahead of time.)  We have limited seating space.

If you want to experience some of these new products and get around some other cool doTERRA peeps, then please come.  Where else could you go for a couple of hours to help you to continue building momentum this year?  Be among friends!


Your ticket also includes a ticket to the raffle for some great essential oils and products.


Keep smiling,

Ron and Liz

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