SITE BEING UPDATED. Sorry for the old content… having Problems.

The next business builder event will be held on March 12th. More details when we get the site back up. (To register, click the button below:

We’re moving the Share the Oils site from to siteground. Sorry for the old content.  I’ll be bringing it up to date over the coming week. The Old hosting company, Lunarpages, is having problems.  I think there are financial problems with them because their machines keep going down.  I’ve moved my hosting to  Siteground has customer support 24/7 included at no extra cost. requires $40/mo for 24/7 customer support.

After 10 years of being a customer, decided to shut down the site because the unlimited account was actually limited.  They don’t publish anything saying there are limits… they just shut it down without any warning.  Then they hold you hostage saying they can’t access anything UNLESS you pay $1300 up-front.

There have been times when the site would go down for days and weeks and they just said their servers are having problems.  I wish they were honorable and would at least give me access to my content, but they told me I could get access if I spent $1300 to change to another one of their servers.   Truly amazing customer support.  Then they closed at 5pm.  So, I had to pay another $40 just to get weekend access.  You have no idea how frustrating it is working with  They used to be honable.  Oh well…

Let’s see how this plays out.  Their customer support is closed for the weekend.

Thanks for your patience while I try to fix the problem accounts and bring my sites back up.