Hey Reno Area Essential Oil Family! This Saturday, we are going to help you build your business in TWO WAYS:

  1. A solid Day of FREE training by your Silver, Gold, and Diamond leaders
  2. Rob, Corporate VP Marketing, co-founder, and product formulator

The Training is FREE and even comes with raffle tickets that you could use to win some really neat prizes.  We will have classes covering:

  • The Compensation Plan – Intro. 
  • Your Emotion Gets A Makeover
  • Accountability, Goal Setting, and Your WHY
  • 20 Minute Slim and Sassy Workout Routine 
  • Can I Deduct That?
  • You Had Me at “WOW!”
  • Build Your Business F-A-S-T with Wild Orange, Peppermint, & AromaTouch!
  • AromaTouch Technique Lesson
  • Learn the “Powerful” Song Line Dance Routine

Our Day culminates with the first time RENO visit of our guest speaker, Rob, the dynamic corporate VP of Marketing and product formulator from 7pm to 9pm.  First, he’ll talk for an hour or so about what’s happening with the company and/or some of the cool products and then he’ll answer your questions about pretty much anything about essential oil-based products.  He is one of the 7 founders of the company and is really fun to listen to.  You won’t be bored!

This is a RARE opportunity to meet and welcome him to the Biggest Little City in the World. Rob is the person who formulates products such as the Vitamins, skin care, energy products, beadlets, and so many other products that we use daily.  We have him for 2 hours. Come with your curiosity and questions. And don’t forget to bring at least a few new people to the meeting and watch your business grow!

We look forward to your joining us for a full day of learning and inspiration! RSVP or you may not get in.  We are limited to 150 people and we already have over 100 confirmed! Send an email to RonAndLiz at ShareTheOils.com and let us know how many you’ll be bringing! See you there!