This page holds a small collection of videos to help doTERRA business builders get a little more clear on why they would want to build their businesses quicker. Most of the videos on this page are generic in nature.  If you want to understand more, please click this link and request help to build your business VERY Fast!  We have lots of experience helping people at all levels become successful… Really!

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Worth Reading if you’re considering Network Marketing

Click –> Network Marketing Thoughts – Robert Kiyosaki

Get CLEAR on their “WHY” – TED Talk

Motivate Yourself in 20 Minutes – Tony Robbins – TED Talk

Isn’t it an Illegal Pyramid Scheme?

A really cute cartoon discussing Illegal Pyramid Schemes


A thought-provoking video that discusses what you really want to do in life.


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  1. This is great to have you record your classes. THANK YOU…..I appreciate it as a time-saver for me in driving and convenience to listen to when I’m available